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Terlam Women's Wellness approaches health and fitness in a holistic and personal way by providing a full-service gym and spa experience, especially for women.  Terlam is a safe and positive environment to work and rest easy.  Find Your Essence at Terlam New Jersey.



Dear Members,

As you know, August has been a month of transition at Terlam Women's Wellness.  We purchased the business because we believed in women's health and fitness and knew there was a need for this facility in the Woodbridge area.  Our goal has always been to find a way to make the business sustainable and profitable and we appreciate the many well wishes we have received in this endeavor.
However, after much consideration, we have determined that the best way forward is to officially close Terlam Women's Wellness.  Friday, August 15th, 2014, is our final day of business.  
Additional details will be provided shortly.  
Thank you for your business and we do hope that you will find a new facility that meets your needs.

Thank you,

Terlam Management

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